Benefits of SIPs

From responsibly sourced wood to the manufacturing process and waste management, SIPs production is fully environmentally sustainable.

Prepared off site in a quality controlled factory environment, accuracy and precision are guaranteed so minimising on-site defects and problems.

The panels come from one source and, delivered flat packed, the amount of transport involved and the associated noise and traffic pollution is minimised.

Installed by a specialist team, the process is fast and efficient – a typical four-bed house can be built within two weeks.

Project management is enhanced due to a precise completion date.

Follow-on trades can be brought in much earlier than usual in the build process and can all be on site at the same time. Faster build process.

Improved insulation in the walls and roof ensure a thermally efficient building that will have a significantly reduce heating bills for the end user.

SIPs offer no design constraints so there is no compromise when translating architect plans into reality.

SIPs exceed current building regulations and will also meet planned future regulations.

Once clad, a building constructed using SIPs looks no different to a traditional build and will last just as long.