Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of SIPTech Construction and we are proud to work with renewable and sustainable material sources. With the carbon footprint increasing daily across the world, SIPTech Construction believe strongly in the principles of using renewable and sustainable material sources, the notions of modern methods of construction, recycling, minimal wastage and saving energy where possible.

SIPTech Construction Environmental Policy:

  • SIPTech Construction continually look to improve and optimise all business processes and operations. Our progress is measured by performing internal weekly audits and quality checks across all levels of the business operations;

  • Environmental considerations are an integral part of SIPTech Construction business processes and operations;

  • SIPTech Construction command full compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and policies;

  • Whenever technically feasible, SIPTech Construction will seek to further optimise our utilisation of renewable materials, energy and to minimise waste production in all processes;

With continuous investment in sourcing more environmentally friendly production methods, materials, logistics, optimised product innovations and recycling methods, SIPTech Construction embrace sustainability and strive to become a more responsible and ‘green’ eco-friendly company every day.

SIPTech Construction celebrate and are proud to become the First Kingspan TEK Delivery Partner awarded with the prestigious Gold level membership, from the Supply Chain Sustainability School!

The school provides a world class collaboration to enable a sustainable built environment where members can access training in 5 different areas – Sustainability, Offsite, BIM, Lean and Management. The wealth of topics ranges from Waste & Carbon, Fairness Inclusion and Respect and The Modern Slavery Act as well as covering many more sustainability issues.

Our vision at SIPTech Construction is to continue to supplement and enhance our knowledge surrounding sustainability and the environmental impact of construction methods. SIPTech Construction are dedicated to lending upon sustainable modern methods of construction and to deliver net zero carbon builds across the United Kingdom.