Kingscourt School

Project Brief


The benefits of offsite construction and the full turnkey services that SIPTech Construction provide, fully complemented this project build. As a delivery partner for the Kingspan TEK® Building System, enabled us to fully design, supply and install an innovative SIP build that surpasses its thermal performance, energy performance and airtightness demands.

Historical Context


It has been important from an early stage to ensure that the proposal sits in harmony with the historic context. The new nursery is situated behind the existing Grade II listed school – Catherington House. Timeless cladding material – anthracite grey zinc complements the existing slate roof tiles and declares the presence of a contemporary design. A hint of playfulness is added by the yellow window frames and invite the visitor in, where bright yellow walls are the key interior feature. The design supports School’s ethos, which is to encourage curiosity and awareness of nature. The teaching room has two large picture windows with lowered sills, providing the children with views out into the gardens rich with Oak, Sycamore and Yew trees. The generous high ceiling helps to stimulate learning, while large bi-folding door roll out teaching into the newly created playground.




The design fully utilised the benefits provided by modular SIPs panel system. The offsite manufactured SIPs system outrivals traditional building methods by reducing waste, accelerating the overall project delivery and is an innovative sustainable system. The crucial element was to ensure that the nursery’s thermal performance levels and airtightness were adhered too, this was easily achieved through the use of SIPs panels. The project was undertaken during the COVID period, where due to a record high influx of kindergarten admissions, a nursery building was required to provide additional space for another teaching bubble to form in accordance with the schools COVID safety measures.


Final Result


By collaborating and establishing a strong partnership with the client and the architect from the offset, SIPTech Construction mitigated the challenges posed by COVID and delivered the project on budget, in accordance with the programme and exceeded the clients building performance requirements. To ensure aesthetic harmony between the adjacent Grade II listed building and the new nursery, the nursery was wrapped using Anthracite grey zinc cladding, with the finishes applied to the yellow window frames and interior bright yellow walls. The use of SIPs enabled the formation of a spacious vaulted ceiling to further inspire learning whilst the large bi-folding doors allow the classroom to be connected to the natural backgrounds which shape the perimeter of playground. The additional space also provides the benefit of allowing the existing teaching area’s to be replanned to further improve the high-quality teaching that is delivered across the whole school. SIPTech Construction are proud to have successfully delivered this project in conjunction with MAP Architecture and we are looking forward to partnering with them for future projects.

Kingscourt School Key Project Features

​• Vaulted Ceiling to stimulate learning

• Bi-Folding Doors connecting the classroom to the playground

• High thermal performance and air tightness of 0.98m3/(h.m2)@50Pa

• South facing roof fitted with high performance PVs 

• External finish of nursery aligns aesthetically with adjacent Grade II listed building

SIPTech Construction - Building For The Future !


Photograph Credits : Richard Chivers & Map Architecture


SIPTech Construction - Kingscourt School - Kingspan TEK® Build System - SIPs Panel Modular Building

SIPTech Construction - Kingscourt School - Kingspan TEK® Build System - SIPs Panel Modular Building

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