The London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) is a network of over 1000 built environment professionals, working in collaboration to put the UK on the path to a zero carbon future. LETI, along with other renowned institutes such as the World Green Building Council and Architecture 2030, believe that in order to achieve the UK’s climate change targets, by 2030 all new buildings must operate at net-zero carbon and by 2050 all buildings must be operating at net-zero carbon. As set out in the governments ‘Future Homes Standard’ and the ‘Future Building Standard’ in particular reference to Part L and Part F Building Regulations, we can derive clearly that imminent change is required within the construction industry to achieve these goals.


The Kingspan TEK® Building System and Structural Insulated Panels embody the ethos outlined by LETI and net-zero construction approaches. The engineered SIPs panels are highly insulated whilst their accurate jointing design can minimise air leakage and thermal bridging. This contributes and helps to ensure buildings deliver the expected level of energy performance without greatly extending the build programme. SIPTech Construction can assist you with designing a construction build up to achieve a net-zero build for your next project and pioneering the future of the UK construction industry…today.


The outlined excellent fabric performance approach is set to become a standard requirement for new homes by the 2030 and by investing in SIPs construction now, developers can help to future proof building approaches and limit operating risks with the new requirements coming into immediate force. We must act now to meet the challenge of building net zero developments, SIPTech Construction are here to help every step of the way, providing the knowledge and skills to ensure your build is ready for the future. 

Want to find out more?

SIPTech Construction invite you to learn about the principles of net-zero construction and LETI by visiting the LETI website below. The LETI standard is becoming ever more popular within industry and SIPTech Construction believe that this revolutionary approach will be the nationwide standard in the next decade.

Climate Emergency Design Guide | LETI