SIPs for Passivhaus Design

The Kingspan TEK® Building System is the perfect high performance building fabric solution for Passivhaus Design. Passivhaus is a low energy building design standard developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany.

First established in the early 1990s, the Passivhaus Design has truly flourished and demonstrated the true potential of a fabric-first construction approach. The objective of Passivhaus design is to produce buildings which provide excellent living conditions for the occupants in conjunction with consuming minimal amounts for energy use for heating and cooling.


The Passivhaus Standard requires:

  • An air change rate of no more than 0.6 air changes per hour @ 50Pa

  • A maximum space heating and cooling demand of less than 15 kWh/m²/year or a maximum heating and cooling load of 10W/m²

  • A maximum total primary energy demand of 120 kWh/m²/year

How to achieve the Passivhaus Standard in the UK:

  • High levels of insulation

  • Airtight building fabric

  • Extremely high performing windows with insulated frames

  • ‘Thermal bridge free’ construction

  • A mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery


The Kingspan TEK® Building System is a Passivhaus certified component. The superior thermal performance inherent in the TEK® Build System’s building fabric can easily be supplemented and improved to meet the exact standard commanded by the Passivhaus design. The factory engineering and prefabricated nature of the panels lend themselves to the meticulous attention to details and uphold rigorous quality standards. The offsite construction also assists in the overall speed of the construction process. Due to the structural benefits of using SIPs panels to achieve the Passivhaus standard, your design flexibility is not at all compromised or constrained, allowing you to avoid excessively thick walls and form a design to suit your needs.


Previously, contractors and self-builders have been rather reluctant to target the Passivhaus certification due to the ‘perceived’ difficulty in meeting the standard’s requirements using traditional construction methods. The Kingspan TEK® Building System and SIPs offer a superior construction method which can effectively deliver on airtightness and thermal performance, whilst attaining the design flexibility required by our clients.

Passivhaus Trust UK