SIPs in Application

The Kingspan TEK® Building System can be used across multiple sectors/applications due to its desirable innovative and versatile properties. SIP panels can be used to create modular buildings up to 4 storeys high. SIP panels are lightweight when compared with brick and block. This lightweight property offered by Kingspan TEK® Building System enable them to be deployed where heavy constructions are not possible – for example where depths of foundations are restricted or where soil conditions are adverse.

All the components and ancillaries typical towards a Kingspan TEK® Building System kit all come from one source. This results in reducing the number of deliveries to site and reductions in noise and traffic pollution, positively influencing a project’s impact on the environment.

Private and Social Sectors

The Kingspan TEK® Building System has been deployed across the whole of the UK by major housing developers and associations. The key elements the system offers that appeal to these clients include speed of construction, predictable programme of works, sustainable offsite manufacturing, reduced site labour and the opportunity to receive a weather-tight shell.