SIPs Technical Details

The Kingspan TEK® Building System is produced in either 142mm or 172mm thick structural insulated panels (SIPs) with a high performance rigid fibre-free urethane insulation core, sandwiched between two layers of Oriented Strand Board type 3 (OSB/3). SIP panels are used to construct walls and roofs with the intermediate floors utilising either I-Beams or open metal web joists.


2 x 15mm thick Oriented Strand Board Type 3 (OSB/3)


CFC/HCFC free rigid thermoset high performance urethane insulant, manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Board Size:

Panel thickness - 142mm or 172mm
Length – 4800mm – 7500mm
Width – 200mm – 1220mm


Precision cuts performed by CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) saw

Thermal Conductivity:

Insulation core: 0.024 W/m.K
OSB/3 facings: 0.13 W/m.K

Manufacture Certificate:

Manufactured Kingspan TEK® Buildings System panels are certified to BE5 6001, (Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products) ‘Very Good’


D-s2, d0

Green Guide Rating:

Wall and roof components, constructed using the Kingspan TEK® Building System in a 142mm panel thickness, correspond to generic elements with 2008 BRE Global Green Guide Summary Ratings of A+ or A.

Kingspan TEK Building System Introduction

Kingspan TEK Building System Introduction

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